Thursday, 3 February 2011

Turtle & Pals.

Thursday 3rd February. Day 3 of Three Things February. You can find more posts by people taking part in #3thingsfebruary by following the hashtag on twitter.

01. Turtle. My poor wee turtle in the garden is falling apart. When he came out of the kiln he had already lost a leg, but now his face is falling off. That's a bit sad but he still made me smile when I saw him in the garden. This picture is from a few weeks ago, less snow now but more flakey turtle skin.

02. Photographs. I was looking through our computer albums this morning to find pictures to fill some of the many photo frames we seem to have lying around. It seems we have been given a lot of picture frames, and never seem to have got around to filling them. It was lovely looking through old pictures of smiley people and happy times.

03. Bus Stop Lady. Some people are so friendly. Had a lovely chat with the lady at the bus stop while we waited in the monsoon for the #44. She told me all about her loft, her welly boots, her £10 boots which had lasted 5 years and her trip to Jenners. Brightened up 5mins in the rain.


Anonymous said...

These are lovely - I was telling Steve last night how much I've liked your three things these past few days!

Perhaps your turtle needs to hibernate in the winter?

SparkleSmith said...

Ah thanks. Nah Mr Turtles been hibernating for 2 years so he insisted on living in the garden. I'll just top him up with some varnish in the summer :)