Wednesday, 16 December 2009

So Much Food, So Little Time...

Since our wedding in September I seem to have been in a constant state of hunger. I didn't starve myself before it, or have huge amounts of stress or lose weight with nervous energy. But since, oh my god. Anything and everything thats put infront of me is gone within seconds.

This week alone I have, or will be eating at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, The Outsider, Mother India, Zizzi and possibly The Sheep Heid. On top of this I had an Indian thali delivered on Sunday (x factor final so only expected), had Chinese in London last week plus another GBK plus an Italian before getting the train home. So much in just a few days, not much wonder I've put on so many pounds since Sep.

2010 is going to see a radical change to my diet. Its only been 3 months of crap eating but 3 months too many. Big improvements coming here soon...

I'll just finish these chocolate pennies.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Pretty Pretty Charm Necklaces

So after quite a few months I've finally got round to increasing the Charm Necklaces at SparkleSmith. Made with gorgeous Karen Hilltribe silver from Thailand and a choice of Rose Quartz, Turquoise or Aventurine these are fab wee gifts. Remember all come gift boxed and price includes postage. to check them out.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Perth Christmas Markets

Perth Christmas Markets were last weekend, unbelievably cold which I think stopped a lot of shoppers venturing out on Sunday, but Saturday was busy busy busy. A lot of people are getting SparkleSmith earrings for Christmas and our cute little rings are also winging their way to many a stocking. Saw a lot of regular market people including chatty Tom soap man, and Carl and Emma with their goodies from Scaramanga.

We made a wee weekend of it, stayed in Perth on Saturday night and had a gorgeous meal at the Glover Arms, highly recommended. Got back to Edinburgh late Sunday just in time for X Factor results with a chippy. Great weekend and just enough time to warm up before the next one.