Monday, 31 January 2011

Mini Purse Parade.

I've been busy today making lots and lots of mini purses. I found the most gorgeous fabric that is just perfect for them. Light and bright with a fabulous mix of pretty flowers, retro funky patterns and brilliant colour.

All the mini purses are fully lined inside and perfect for filling with trinkets, toiletries and little nick-nacks when you're on the move. Mini purses are available on the SparkleSmith website or just get in touch with your requirements. Hope you like them.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Beautiful Snow.

When the crazy snow fall begain in November last year it was time for us to move house. If things had gone according to plan we would have moved the previous week before Jack Frost even thought about making his appearance. However as we found out when it comes to new houses few things run smoothly. The picture above shows the view from our flat the morning of moving day.

The picture below is me in the garden a couple of days after moving in. Check out the depth of the snow!!! We were the only household on the street to not have a heavy duty arctic worthy snow shovel. We have learned our lesson for Winter 2011.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Chimney Pots, Rooftops & Photographs.

I need to read more blogs. I need to make time to read more blogs. I need to make time to trawl the web and find new blogs to read. Currently one of my favourite blogs and one that I do always find time to read is Among the Chimney Pots from Sarah in Aberdeen. No matter what Sarah is writing about I always really enjoy and look forward to her blog. Topics in the last few weeks have ranged from a step by step guide to making a mini book (with pictures), new year fireballs in Stonehaven, neglected projects (neglected projects update) and book recommendations to name just a few. Sarah really gives an insight into her life, exactly the sort of fly on the wall and well written blog style I like to read.

As well as a being a wonderful from-the-heart blogger, Sarah is also a fabulous photographer who sells her work as From the Rooftops on etsy. Sarah's new year is starting on a wonderful high with her first exhibition in conjunction with Lola a fellow photographer opening tomorrow night in Aberdeen. The exhibition is open to the public from Monday 10th January to Saturday 26th February at Kilau Coffee on Little Belmont Street in Aberdeen. Good luck Sarah and Lola, hoping this is the first of many exhibitions to follow in 2011.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Happy New Year to all reading this. This year I have made my resolutions much more achievable. Food wise, instead of cutting things out, I am cutting back on them. Exercise wise, instead of crazy mental daily torture I'll be taking a more Woozle friendly approach to exercise and building it up gradually. I have my Wii personal trainer to help and it is shameful to admit that despite the acres of fields and woodland around me, I am more motivated by a tiny bouncing computer generated figure and a virtual hula hoop. To be honest I blame the instant gratification of a scoreboard.

My Wii fitness age this morning ..... 23, woohoo. Super hula hoop 745 spins, hurrah!!

Oh, and after neglecting my blog since October, one of my other many resolutions is to update on here more often. Good luck with your resolutions.