Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Trainspotting, Twirls & Twitpics.

Wednesday 2nd February. Day 2 of #3thingsfebruary

1. Trainspotting. We're just back from the 15th anniversary showing of Trainspotting at the Royal Scottish Academy. I won tickets last week on the radio, was really chuffed as I hardly ever win competitions so was really pleased to get a phonecall saying I'd won. From the reaction of some of the audience I would say there was a fair few people at the viewing seeing it for the first time. Seeing it on the big screen really did make such a difference, the last time we had watched it had been on VHS. What's VHS I hear you say?

02. Twirls. Currently my chocolate addiction is Twirls. I love them. Only one eaten today, but it was good.

03. Twitpics. Today I learnt how to do Twitpics for the first time. Turns out its ridiculously simple. Must not get carried away uploading rubbish now I've discovered how easy it is. Take picture >> Share Picture >> Select Twitter = Done.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely alliteration. :)