Monday, 7 February 2011

Day 7. Three Things.

Day 7 of Three Things February. Monday 7th February.

01. Gardening Book. Today I bought Gardening Through The Year, its a month by month guide of how to look after your garden. I have no idea what to do so bought the book with the simplest steps I could find, this one is excellent. A lot of my family are great gardeners so hopefully gardening skills are hereditary.

02. Free Surprise Food. Nipped out of work for 5 minutes to get some lunch. When I got back there were 2 mini burgers a sandwich and a drink sitting on my desk. Lovely.

03. Snow. It snowed again.

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Anonymous said...

It snowed here, too! Strange we still find it exciting after the last couple of months!

Good luck with the gardening.