Thursday, 24 February 2011

Day 24. Three Things February.

Day 24 of Three Things February. Thursday 24th February.

01. Creme Eggs. While tidying the living room this morning I found a bag of 4 Cadbury's Creme Eggs. Yumm. Mother in law had bought them at the weekend then lost them. Finders Keepers.

02. Visitors. Some friends came to visit with their 6 children. Had a fun day of hide and seek, giant straws and eating cookies. The weather was even so good we had lunch in the garden.

03. Salmon. I didn't think I liked salmon, but had it for dinner tonight and it was absolutely gorgeous. Along with potatoes from the Farmers Market at the weekend. Much better than the chippy.


Jemima said...

Try marinating in a some yoghurt mixed with your favourite Indian spices - Tikka, Garam Masala, anything will do - then grill (or BBQ if possible!). Very yummy I promise, Jem :)

SparkleSmith said...

Mmmm will have to try that, thanks.