Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Happy New Year to all reading this. This year I have made my resolutions much more achievable. Food wise, instead of cutting things out, I am cutting back on them. Exercise wise, instead of crazy mental daily torture I'll be taking a more Woozle friendly approach to exercise and building it up gradually. I have my Wii personal trainer to help and it is shameful to admit that despite the acres of fields and woodland around me, I am more motivated by a tiny bouncing computer generated figure and a virtual hula hoop. To be honest I blame the instant gratification of a scoreboard.

My Wii fitness age this morning ..... 23, woohoo. Super hula hoop 745 spins, hurrah!!

Oh, and after neglecting my blog since October, one of my other many resolutions is to update on here more often. Good luck with your resolutions.

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Anonymous said...

Humph, well, that last comment didn't post. So just trust me when I say: it was a good one.