Saturday, 3 July 2010

Horseboy visits Amsterdam.

Last September we went on our mini honeymoon and were lucky enough to stay in the beautiful Hotel Toren in Amsterdam. Sitting outside the hotel on Keizersgracht one morning, I saw an odd site coming across the bridge towards me. I quickly dug my camera out and managed to get a couple of snaps of the strange horseman. Click the pictures to enlarge.

Fast forward a few months and Horseboy is all over the news thanks to Google Streetview. He was spotted on it in Aberdeens Hardgate area, and then again on Hazlemere Road. Could this possibly be him on his holidays?

For a couple of other excellent Streetview images take a look here.


Shpangle said...

Love it! I have spent lots of time in Amsterdam (my favourite city in the world) and have seen some strange sights there ;-)


siobhanjack said...

Horseboy on his holidays in Amsterdam. Seems to be a bit taller and thinner back then :)