Friday, 8 January 2010

Back with a Bump.

Happy New Year. Well after two weeks on honeymoon in the sunshine, we are def back in Scotland enjoying the cold. Currently in flat with gloves and blanket wrapped around me even though the heating is on. Gotta love it. Just thankful we haven't been stuck in massive traffic jams overnight, or lost our electricity, yet.

Two weeks on an all you can eat buffet saw me put on 7lbs whilst on hols, so 2010 on a mission to lose it and the other 7lbs I put on after Sep, oops. Already lost a couple of pounds from going back to work, turns out they don't have non stop ice cream and pina colada's in the office - shame. Temperatures are apparently diving to -20 here tonight. We're off to a Russian night out this Saturday so I think the temp seems very apt for that, here's hoping there will be White Russians aplenty and the health can restart again on Sunday morning.

Happy days everyone.

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