Friday, 23 October 2009

Lurgy got me.

Well, I have the lurgy. It's no fun. Am spending most of the day making rings as I ordered about 100 metres of the wrong sized wire, clever me. Now I have no wire to make bracelets with and with the Royal Mail industrial action it might be a while before it arrives. Hopefully not too late as I have a lot of Christmas fairs coming up which I need to build up new stock for.

Anyway away to Mr Hot Potato for a chilli potato to steam the cold out, might just have to put myself through the stress of ordering curry tonight also. Quite a lot of crazy stuff happened this week but still deciding what is a bit too personal to blog about, so for now I'll stick with the mundane stuff. We're off to the emerald isle next weekend, so fingers crossed that this lurgy has left me by then or I won't be able to taste the garlicky chips - disaster!!

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